Whenever we see a painting or a sculpture for the first time, the first thing that comes into our minds is the question “what is it?” or “what does it show?” and we cannot deny that fact. And today, the time has come for us to answer that question. Today is the day where we will have a better understanding of humanities; we will understand not just arts, but the deeper meaning within arts which can dig through our hearts and souls.


My topic is all about how the choice of subject matter affects the artistic value. But before we go to that, let us first define, what is subject matter? Well subject matter is the painter’s main idea that is represented in an artwork. So the question now is does every art have subject matter or subject? The answer is simple, no, because there is are arts which has a subject matter and there are those who doesn’t, these are called representational art and non-representational art respectively. Representational or objective art is the art where an artist describes, tell, or represent an art. A great example of representational art is a painting or a sculpture where there is commonly a model and the artist will paint or sculpt the model. In representational art, it doesn’t necessarily mean that there should be a model, as long as the artist’s art brings intentional thoughts and feelings it can be considered as representational.



As I said, not all art has subject and those arts that doesn’t have a subject are called non-representational or non-objective arts. These arts are those which are made not to tell a story nor present descriptions, facts and opinions about something. This art is made fully just to space out or just to express feelings through the use of the elements of design.


Now we know the meaning of subject matter, let us know, what is artistic value? Have you ever wondered why a certain art costs so expensive? Why does a book or novel cost a fortune? Artistic value is, yes, the cost of an art. But there is something more than the price and a deeper meaning other than an art being costly, it is also the weigh that an artist puts in his art. The last question that is essential to ask is how does the choice of subject matter affect the artistic value? Reflect on my whole topic recall the things that I have mentioned and answer this question your own. Thank you very


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