Poet’s Choice of Word

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“Poetry is kind a not my thing. It goes like ‘Oh, the pain… the pain in my heart’” was the response of my friend when I asked him about his views on poetry. Yes, he knew of my commitment and love to poetry. Yes, he is aware that I am actually an amateur poetess, but still a poetess nonetheless, which is why he received a three-hour lecture on the importance of poetry over the chat afterwards. Yes, he had said that straight to my face and the thing is, I can’t blame him.

Before my inkling for poetry was ignited, I used to think poetry was such a drag with all its fancy sugar-coated words and mind boggling rhyming scheme. I used to think that it’s amazing and odd how people go devote tremendous time and effort to make the last words in each of the lines rhyme. I used to think it was amazing how people had the patience to read ancient and cryptic poetry. I mean, it’s something that you can include in a mystery movie like The Da Vinci Code. In my third year I actually used to curse William Shakespeare for making super complicated poetry. Exams were hell because of him.

Now, the question “Why does a portion of the population remain hooked up on poetry?” appears. The simple is answer is, it touches the heart of people. Like art, poetry makes you feel something. Sometimes, you cannot fully explain a poem but still you feel something within you respond as you read each line. And poetry doesn’t even have to be complicated and have rhyming schemes. See here, there are many kinds of poetry. One of them is known as “Free Verse”. No rhyming scheme. No syllable count. No stanzas. As the term coins, you are free from any of the rules that used to govern the making of a poetry.

Lots of contemporary poetry actually uses free verse. They’re scattered over the net. But despite being free from the rules, you cannot classify everything as poetry just because you say so. For something to be poetry, it needs to be able to deliver meaning in a creative or profound way. Although it is cliché, you also need to make people feel it “from the bottom of their hearts”. How do you do something as arduous as that? It’s through the choice of words.

Choice of words, as defined by the online dictionary The Free Dictionary is “the manner in which something is expressed in words”. It is correlated with the term Diction. Diction, according to dictionary.reference.com, is the style of speaking or writing as dependent upon choice of words. Poetry greatly relies in choice of words. How can you deliver something well? You need to carefully select your words. Take note, however, that choice of words does not only play a role in the success of conveying a thought or idea. It does more than that.

What are the roles of choice of words? First of all, choice of words expresses your stand about something. Second, it expresses how you feel about something and also about your own stand or opinion. Third, it expresses your present mood or emotions. Fourth, it says something about the kind of person that you are. It indicates your attitude and personality. Basically, choice of words tells a lot about you and your point of view.

Point of view is crucial. It decides how the audience would see something. It decides what they might feel about what they would see. It is not just important solely in writing. In painting, drawing and photography, there exists what is known as angling. All angles, gives you a view of something. A lot of them makes whatever you’re viewing available to see but with different perspectives. They’re all beautiful, in their own way, but there are just some angles that are more astounding and captivating than others, they take your breath away.

This is the reason why choice of words is vital. Besides, choice of words determines the nature of whatever you’re expressing. Words


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