Nature is You!


“Your greatest pain will soon be your greatest strength.” It’s better to experience first the bitterness of life before you savour the sweetness of success. We all have our own stories. Own stories that makes us unique and makes our personality. Stories that would make us even stronger to continue in life. Because sometimes, it is unfair. Unfair that would make you think, does GOD really love me? That would make you ask, why me of all the people? But the, GOD only wants the best for us. He won’t be giving us problems that we cannot overcome. He just wants us to experience the real life. The reality. As what they were saying, experience is the best teacher. You won’t be able to learn if you are not yet experiencing it. They say, I’m strong. They say I’m kind. They say that I’m loving. But for me? I’m just a little poor girl who wants to be loved and recognized. I am just the ordinary that wants to succeed someday. A girl that dreamed to be a princess back then. And her story goes like this. Once, there lived a royal family.

They were happy even though they only have a simple life. But then one day, the king has to leave for a while because her sister died. But then, time, years passed, the king didn’t came back anymore. So his family struggled very hard. But the queen didn’t gave up. She strive hard for the sake of her princesses. And she succeeded. The princesses grew up thinking how they can repay the unconditional love that her mother gave. For sacrificing everything just to make them live. The queen proved to her daughters that there is no other love like a mother’s love for her child. Being successful is my greatest dream. Am I the only one? We all want it. But the thing is, it is not what you dream. It is about how you make it happen. But you know the secret recipe of success?? Do your very best, and leave it all to GOD. Do not question him. Because sometimes, God’s plan for us is better than what we want for ourselves. And of course don’t just do it for your self. Do it to make your loved ones happy. As what they were saying, “seeing the people you love happy, can make you even happier.”


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