Decades Vs. Modern


Almost 50 decades passed by the first man in this society was the Malays and the other of people. We all knew that they are not aware about the Technology thingy. But they are so much creative by doing anything that make them strong. They use the powerful creation of God which is the nature of them to survived.

But now, all has been changed. The humans nowadays aren’t using nature or the naturals instead they or we are using modern ways. Nowadays, peoples have a wide knowledge about the things that they think that they are going to the top or maybe they thinking “How am I going to do this things just a seconds”. They are the inventors, they invent something that make our daily lives routine fast. No challenges, No difficulties, No hard to do. They called this Technology. This is the discipline dealing with the art of science of applying scientific knowledge to practical problems.

Inventing this things have a Advantages and Disadvantages. As I’ve research Technology can be defined as science applied to practical purposes. It is easy to think about the advantages of modern technology, but what about its disadvantages? Technology today has made life easier and quicker but also dangerous.

Modern technology makes life easier for people. For example, microwave ovens cook food easily. Dishwashers wash all dirty dishes and dry them. Moreover TVs, personal computers, cell phones and the internet have enhanced the welfare and wellbeing of people worldwide. These have provided various ways of entertainment, have improved people’s lives, helped hem to communicate, and offered them ways to get to distant parts of the world in little time.

Also, modern technology saves many innocent lives. Medical science is very progressive and vastly available today. Many life-saving discoveries are all thanks to modern technology. Without brain scanners, fetal monitors, endoscopes, lasers, radioactive chemicals and computers, a lot of people would struggle with their health.

On the minus side modern technology has come up with deadly and dangerous weapons such as poison gas bombs and nuclear bombs. And while many people live in horrible conditions and famine, governments spend a lot of money on developing weapon industry. Besides, the weapon machinery pollutes the globe and endangers our environment.

In addition, modern technology has made us so dependent on it that we feel lost without it. We feel helpless, defeated, and lost if our machines break down. We, also, become so addicted to these tools that we loose all real interpersonal relationships.

Modern Technology also creates financial problems in families because it has dangled before their eyes a litany of expensive gadgets they cannot afford. Thus, the push-button dreamworld raises people’s material expectations to an unrealistic level. Some people, then, may turn to crime and corruption to increase their material wealth.

Eventually, everything that we use in life is good or bad depending upon the use. It contributed immensely to the overall experience of humankind; to our material comfort and well-being and to our greater understanding of the world we live in. However, we must balance the use of technology with the possibility we may be crushed by these new ways of doing things.


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